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Comprehensive Inspection

This is the most popular report and covers all the areas of the home, including the floor, foundation, walls, ceilings, roof, roof cavity, geyser, boundary walls and grounds.

Includes an estimate cost of repairs as well as photos of problem areas.


Vital Inspection

This report covers the most important or vital aspects of the home, which are often overlooked by the buyer, sellers and estate agents, e.g:

Structure including internal and external walls, windows, doors, foundation and floor slab.
Assess rising and penetrating damp issues.
Assess condition of geyser and installation.
Most important the roof structure and insulation, roof covering, barge boards and facia boards. As well as rain water goods e.g gutters and down pipes.
On the erf the grading and storm water management will be covered.

Includes an estimate cost of repairs as well as photos of problem areas.


  Red Flag Report

This report is when a potential buyer wants assurance that serious issues are disclosed. This can be requested by a buyer, seller or estate agent to close a deal. If serious issues are found the inspector will recommend that further investigation be done by a specialist contractor in this field.

It's designed to reassure that there are no problems in the five critical areas of the home, namely:

Roof Ground drainage
Roof cavity Visible foundation

Includes an estimate cost of repairs as well as photos of problem areas.

  Roof Inspection

This includes:

The exterior and interior structures.
Will report on defects, structural issues and irregularities in the roof design and construction.

Includes an estimate cost of repairs as well as photos of problem areas.

  Waterproofing Inspection

This report is done as damp issues are often linked to other problems. .

This report will focus on:

Penetrating damp,
rising damp,
or condensation.

Includes photos of problem areas.

  Quality Control Inspection

This is a report for a home owner who is having his own home built.

This is done during the building process to identify problems at an early stage when it is normally still practical and cost-effective to rectify the problem/s.




  Snag List Report

This is a report for a home owner who has had his own home built. This is done before the builder, contractor or developer hands over the home for occupation. This is to ensure that all work has been completed and to determine possible future problems that may occur long after the developer, contractor or builder have moved on.

This report will list all observable problems, for instance:

with geyser installation,
the roof structure,
tiling finishes,
outside drainage.

Includes photos of problem areas.


11th-Month Inspection

If you’ve owned a newly constructed home for less than a year, it should still be backed by the builder’s warranty.

Before the first year is up and your warranty has expired, you should schedule an 11-Month Inspection to have your home evaluated for any issues that have emerged since the original home inspection.

By taking advantage of your home’s warranty for any necessary repairs, you could ultimately save yourself from pouring extra time and money into your investment.



This inspection is a follow up inspection to any of the above inspections.

Upon completion of the needed repairs listed in the initial inspection report.

We can come back out and perform a re-inspection to verify that the repairs were not only made, but that they were made correctly and with quality craftsmanship.


Pre-Listing Inspection

Whether you're an estate agent or an individual seller, planning to sell a home, don’t wait for the buyer’s inspection to turn up issues that could affect the outcome of negotiations.

By having your home inspected before it’s listed, you’re able to identify and address any major deficiencies that could be detrimental to the selling process.


Commercial Inspection

This report offers a comprehensive Commercial Inspection for current or prospective investors and business owners.

We’ll carefully assess a commercial property to ensure that you aren’t walking into an unsafe structure or a major financial pitfall.

Our inspection reports are detailed and straightforward so that you can gain the perspective you need to make a confident decision.

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